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Nicholas Cunningham is a choreographer for theatre, concerts, events, commercials, film and television. Cunningham approaches each project with an open mind and a warm collaborative energy. He creates space to explore the infinite imagination we have as humans. He forms trust with a client by exploring imagination through vulnerability which inspires authentic creativity which allows space to turn an idea into a fully-fledged concept. His choreographic diversity is key, allowing him to work towards a goal that creates endless opportunity for originality and movement specific to each project.

Cunningham is passionate about creating a diverse aesthetic that is appropriate for each client. Through continuous education, research and admiration for all styles of dance, Cunningham is professionally seasoned to conceive originality when presented any idea. His one-of-a-kind, world-class hybrid style defines his multiverse choreography that connects imaginations, ideas and stories through dance.

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Ryals - Forward (Music Video)


Peter Jöback - The Mask (Music Video)


Pet Shop Boys (World Tour)

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Judgment Day (Park Avenue Armory, New York)

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Bernstein's Mass (PBS)

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Candide (Philadelphia Orchestra)

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Pirate Radio (Feature Film)

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Imogen Heap - First Train Home (Music Video)

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